Keep walking for them
1. 2020~ Cancellation of German Eve!
Due to the pandemic, we have to cancel this year's German Eve in order to keep everyone from the risk.

2. 2019~ Merry Christmas!
After so much effort and arrangement, on December 7 in this warm winter we in Westin hotel held a Christmas party in 2019.

3. Party for German Eve
Santa Claus is coming to Westin on Dec. 7! limoss will throw a big party here and you are expected. It’s been years limoss hosts party for German Eve with traditional Christmas fragrant in German style.

4. Dong Zhi was admitted to his ideal university
In 2017, he became one of the recipients when he was high school student. This year he finally successfully completed the high school courses and passed the entrance examination and entered his dream campus and major--- Sichuan Communication University

5. Liangshan Trip
We learned that there are still some children in need in Liangshan, especially high school students, and targeted several students as candidate recipients.

6. Greetings from Mr. Frank Merkl
Upon the end of Christmas party, our colleague, our friend Mr. Frank Merkl texted Mr. Gassner as follow shows:
It’s finished, it’s a bit late.
Congratulations to your successful charity event in Shenzhen.
Thank you for your commitment,
here I would like to transfer 120 EURO to you and hope this would help in the coming charity activities.
Best wishes to you and your loves

7. Mr. Dixon Liang from Zhongbang looks to joining the next trip to Sichuan
At limoss annual dinner, Dixon from Zhongbang indicated the will to go to Liangshan with us in the future. He himself is also very enthusiastic about charities.

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