2020, German Eve 取消通知!

2020~ Cancellation of German Eve!

Dear friends:

由于疫情原因,我们不得不取消今年的German Eve,以降低聚集感染风险。同时,我们也一直在支持四川和广西的儿童。所以如果你有任何物品甚至是留言希望转达给他们,请随时联系我们。这是特别的一年,但我们终将一起度过难关。保持健康和快乐,让我们抱着最好的希望,明年再相聚吧。

Due to the pandemic, we have to cancel this year's German Eve in order to keep everyone from the risk. Meanwhile, we keep supporting children in Sichuan and Guangxi. So if you have anything (even messages) for them, you are always welcomed. It's been a special year but we'll get through it. Stay healthy and happy. Let's hope for the best and get together next year.